Do Dollar Signs Limit Your Childs Education

Many caring, smart, loving individuals decide to enter the child education field every year. They do this not only to have a worth while ongoing career, but to help provide quality child education in our school systems.While teaching salaries vary greatly from state to state, child education is improving from the under paid teachers of the past 10 years. It is sad to realize that dollar signs may limit child education if you happen to live in a state with low teacher salaries, or where the states schools are short on teaching funds.Another aspect which limits child education in the public school system, is the unfairness of the teacher hiring process. You would think that your school would want to hire the most qualified teachers, but that is often not what happens. The way our schools are set up, it is possible for an individual to control who gets hired and who does not. And many times has a vested interest in the outcome as well.For instance local (Teacher A)… has a Masters Degree in education, is very sharp, enthusiastic, pleasant personality, married with 3 children of her own, and totally committed to child education. Having made a career commitment to be a teacher.(Teacher B)… on the other hand just completed enough schooling to be able to teach, not really sure even if she wants to be a teacher, just looking for any job, and lives out of state where they went to college. So why is your local schools hiring Teacher B, and not Teacher A?Do you want your childs education in the hands of a teacher like B, when a teacher like A has applied for a teaching position at your school, lives in your city, is available locally to teach your child, and is not being hired…Do not think for a minute this is not happening in your local schools, it happens every year in almost every school district… Your sons and daughters education is important, and the best child education teacher for the job… may be the waitress at your local steak house, who was not hired by your school! It is your duty to get involved and find out what is going on in your schools hiring program.