Some Tips for Educational Toys That Will Stimulate and Also Teach Your Young Preschooler

When a child is very young, their minds are very impressionable, they learn by what they see and touch. This is why children must be taught correctly at a very young age in order to give them the advantage they will need when they arrive at school age.From the time your child is born, their minds are like clay and must be molded and taught correctly and you can do this with educational toys for an infant to six months old. These types of toys are made with an infant in mind. They are made of bright colors so that they will catch their eyes and gain their interest. They also sport large buttons and handles so that an infant can easily grasp and push them. These types of toys generally teach simple things like animal sounds, counting, and simple spelling. They are made of child safe materials because we all know how infants like to put things in their mouths!From six to eighteen months the educational toys start to get a little more complicated and are not only geared towards teaching your child sounds and spelling but they are also geared towards getting your child’s motor functions established like walking, talking, pushing, and riding. The toys at this stage are still very colorful and large to grab the child’s interest while making them easy to handle and safe.At eighteen to thirty six months, educational toys now start to get a little more compact as the child’s motor skills should now be improving. While yet still colorful, the toys get a bit more complicated with more gadgets and smaller buttons. Electronic and video learning games are available at this stage. These games are geared towards teaching the child how to spell simple words and to do easy math, getting your child ready for preschool. Toys at this stage start to mimic gadgets that are used in everyday life.At three to five years of age and older, these toys are now mostly electronic and are geared towards making sure your child is ready for school. Most of them are designed around cartoon and action characters to keep the child’s interest. At this stage as the child should be speaking, the toys are now geared towards having the child spell simple words and put together simple sentences, these could be simple toys that just spell words or a reading book that teaches the child to spell and read at the same time. There are also toys that teach the child simple adding and subtracting using objects. There are also toys that will spur the creative side of your child like children’s digital cameras that will allow your child to explore their creative side by taking pictures and movies that they can upload to the computer and web to share with friends and family.It is essential that educational toys are made available to young children. While they teach them, they also allow them to grow and establish their own personality and explore their own worlds. These types of toys are what starts an infant off and enables them to become self-starters and well rounded adults. A child who is deprived of these types of toys is only destined for a life of hardship because their minds have not been developed, as they should have been. So give your child the head start that they deserve so very much. Purchase them some educational toys from VTech toys and get them started on their way!